Cool Minecraft House Ideas

Learn how to build the perfect house in Minecraft with the tutorials below. Whether your idea of the perfect house is modern, medieval, a beach house or a mountain fortress, these creative and survival houses will inspire your creativity.

Modern House Ideas

Modern houses make use of white blocks and slabs and open floors with plenty of glass walls. Give your house the extra modern touch with an HD upgrade by using the Faithful texture pack.

A modern house with glass walls, white slabs and pool. Modern House Video Tutorial
Modern House Blueprint
simple modern house
Simple Modern House Schematics
modern minecraft mansion
Modern Mansion with a downloadable schematic.

Medieval House Ideas

Medieval houses are the most popular style in Minecraft. From a small cottage to a village and from a mountain fortress to a giant castle, a Medieval house made with wooden logs and cobblestone stands the test of time. Try using wooden stairs for the roof and trapdoors for rustic-looking windows.

simple medieval house with steps to make
Easy to Make Medieval House
Stylish Minecraft Medieval House with a tutorial.
awesome minecraft medieval castle
Glorious Medieval Castle with a full video tutorial.

Minecraft Survival Houses

Tips for building a house in Minecraft Survival Mode:

  • Use thicker cobblestone walls for creeper blast resistance.
  • Avoid overusing Wood, it burns.
  • Use Iron Doors with buttons to keep Zombies out.
  • Use lots of torches to minimize spawn areas inside your structure
  • Fully enclose your house.
  • Place a fence around your house.
  • Build your house in a large open space.
Simple Minecraft Survival House from Wood and Cobblestone
simple cobblestone survival house in minecraft
Five Minute Cobblestone Survival House with Video
castle built in survival mode of minecraft
Castle built in Survival by Reddit User. Easy Blueprints here.

Other Minecraft House Ideas

The variety of houses that can be built in Minecraft is endless. There are nearly 1000 blocks to choose from and dozens of biomes with natural features to take advantage of. Below are just a few house ideas from all the awesome Minecraft creators out there.

Beach House

Elevated Beach House

Mountain House

fortress mountain house in minecraft
Mountain House – Fortress Style

Tree House

Amazing Minecraft Tree House
Grian’s Japanese House Tutorial

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