How to Make a Chestplate in Minecraft

The chestplate is one of five armor pieces for your player in Minecraft. A chestplate provides a defense bonus against mob attacks.

To equip a chestplate press the E button in the PC Java Edition or the Inventory Icon in mobile/pocket editions. Move your chestplate from your inventory to the chestplate armor slot.

A chestplate comes in five common armor types:

Crafting a Chestplate (Recipe)

Making a chestplate in Minecraft requires 8 of the same ingredient of either, leather, iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond.

To make a chest plate, set your crafting table on the ground and place the 8 ingredients into the crafting table in the pattern shown below:

minecraft how to make a chestplate

Leather Tunic (Chestplate)

To make a Leather Tunic place 8 leather Leather in the crafting table.

Chain Chestplate

A chainmail chestplate cannot be crafted. You can purchase chainmail armor from a village armorer. Chainmail armor also drops from armored mobs and is found various mobile edition chests.

Iron Chestplate

Making an Iron Chesplate requires 8 iron ingots Iron Ingot in the crafting table.

Gold Chestplate

Place 8 gold ingots Gold Ingot on the crafting table to make a gold chestplate.

Diamond Chestplate

To make a Diamond Chestplate use 8 diamonds Diamond and a crafting table.

Repairing a Chestplate

You can repair a chestplate with an anvil and additional ingredients of the same type, e.g. leather, iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond. You can also repair a chestplate by combining two damaged chestplates of the same armor type in a crafting table.

How to Make a Chestplate in Minecraft

  1. To make a chestplate gather eight of the same ingredient:

    8 leather, or;
    8 iron ingot, or;
    8 gold ingot, or;
    8 diamond.

  2. Place the ingredients in a crafting table as shown in the image below:

    minecraft how to make a chestplate

Other Armor Crafting Recipes:

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