How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

Learn how to make a fence and a fence gate in Minecraft.

Fences are important functional and decorative items in Minecraft. Use fences around a house for decoration or use a fence to contain your horses, sheep, pigs or other animals.

Fence Types

Fences can be made from each type of Minecraft Wood including Oak, Dark Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia and Jungle. Iron bars made from iron ingots can also be placed on the ground and will join together similar to wood fences.

An example of a Wooden fence.

minecraft wooden fence
Oak Wood Fence

An example of an iron fence.

minecraft iron fence
Iron Fence

Fences will automatically join together with adjacent fence pieces and gates and smoothly connect to other solid blocks to form an enclosed area.

Fences spawn naturally in many of the biomes in which their wood type is found. Fences also spawn on shipwrecks and at woodland mansions.

Additionally, many types of stone and brick in Minecraft can be made into walls and perform the same useful or decorative function as a fence. See Stone Walls and Brick Walls. A stone wall is sometimes referred to as a stone fence.

Fences can also act as fence posts where you can tie a horse or other animal that is leashed with a lead.

Fence Gates

Fences can also be joined to fence gates. Fence gates can open and close by clicking on the gate with the right mouse button or the use button on other editions. Each type of Wood Fence has a corresponding Fence Gate, e.g. Oak Fence Gate, Dark Oak Fence Gate, Spruce Fence Gate, Jungle Fence Gate and Acacia Fence Gate. While often requested, iron gates do not exist at the present time.

An open fence gate.

Open Fence Gate

A closed fence gate.

Closed Fence Gate
Closed Fence Gate

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft

The fence recipe is simple and requires 4 matching wood planks and 2 sticks.

minecraft fence recipe

How to Make A Fence Gate in Minecraft

To make a fence gate, use 4 sticks and 2 wood planks.

minecraft fence gate recipe

Nether Brick Fences

Nether brick fences are made from 4 Nether Bricks and 2 Nether Brick. Since it takes 4 Nether Brick (singular) to make one Nether Bricks (plural), it takes a total of 18 Nether Brick to craft one recipe of Nether Brick Fence. The recipe yields 6 fence pieces.

How to Make a Fence in Minecraft and Fence Gates

  1. Make 4 Wood Planks and 2 Sticks for a fence.

    Use 4 planks of a matching type, e.g. oak, dark oak, spruce, birch, acacia or jungle. The recipe makes 3 fence segments.

  2. To make a Fence, place 4 Wood Planks and 2 Stick in the Crafting Table

    Arrange the planks and sticks in the recipe pattern shown. Remove your completed fence.
    minecraft fence recipe

  3. To Craft a Fence Gate, use 4 sticks and 2 matching Wood Planks.

    minecraft fence gate recipe

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