Minecraft Wood

Learn about the six types of Wood in Minecraft and Wood Planks. Wood is very common in Minecraft appearing in almost every biome as Wood Logs. Wood Logs are also a starting ingredient in many crafting recipes.

Trees in Minecraft are made of log and leaf blocks. Chopping a block from the trunk of a tree yields one wood log block. Logs can be crafted into a Wood block. Wood Planks can also be made from Wood blocks or from directly from logs.

Wood Logs

The six types of Wood Logs obtained from the trunks of trees in Minecraft are:

For each of the six types of logs there is also a stripped wood variant. Using an axe on a log will make a stripped wood log. See Stripped Wood.


Wood is made by arranging 4 logs of the same type into a 2 by 2 square on a crafting table.

minecraft logs to wood block crafting

Wood can be crafted into planks but it is easier to craft planks directly from logs which is a single step.

Any type of Wood is also an ingredient in crafting a Campfire, Smoker or Charcoal. All types of Wood can also be used as fuel.

Similar to stripped logs, stripped wood is made by using an axe on a stripped wood block.


Planks are made from Logs or Wood in Minecraft. Planks are an ingredient in many crafted items including the crafting table, a shield, a wood sword, a wood pickaxe, a bed, a boat, sticks, and many other items.

Here are the six types of planks in Minecraft.

Wood Planks also have a stripped version made by using an axe on a plank. See Stripped Wood.

How to Find Wood and Make Planks in Minecraft

  1. Gather logs by chopping the trunk of a tree.

    Different types of trees given different types of logs including Oak, Dark Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle and Acacia.

  2. To make Wood from Logs

    Use logs of the same type:
    Place 4 logs in a crafting table in a square, four logs makes 3 Wood blocks.

    minecraft logs to wood block crafting

  3. To Make Wood Planks use either Logs or Wood

    It is only 1 step and more efficient to make Planks from logs. One log makes 4 planks.
    minecraft plank recipe

Other Items Crafted from Wood Logs and Planks:

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