Minecraft Horse Armor

Protect your horse from mobs with leather, iron, golden or diamond horse armor. Dye leather horse armor to change its color.

Horse Armor Types

Horse armor comes in four types:

  • Leather Horse Armor Leather Horse Armor
  • Iron Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor
  • Gold Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor
  • Diamond Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor

There is no chainmail horse armor and only leather horse armor can be crafted. Additionally, only regular horses can wear horse armor. Horse armor cannot be worn by skeleton horses, zombie horses, donkey or mules.

Finding Horse Armor

Horse Armor is found in village blacksmith chests in fortresses chests and in jungle and desert temples. Leather horse armor can be purchased from the village leatherworker for emeralds.

All types of horse armor can also be obtained from killing a horse wearing the horse armor which will cause it to drop.

Horse armor provides protection from damage with diamond horse armor providing the most defense.

Horse Armor Defense and Repair

Defense Points – armor defense point icon

  • 3 – Leather
  • 5 – Iron
  • 7 – Golden
  • 11 – Damond

Horse Armor has infinite durability and never needs to be repaired.

Dyeing Horse Armor

Dyeing leather horse armor is easy. Just combine a leather horse armor and one or more dyes on the crafting table. Dye colors can be combined to make millions of different colors of horse armor.

recipe for dying leather horse armor a different color

How to Make Horse Armor

  1. Gather 7 leather to craft leather horse armor.

    *Only leather horse armor is craftable. Other types of horse armor are obtained from chests, see above for how to find iron, gold and diamond horse armor.

  2. Place 7 leather onto a crafting table in a ‘X’ pattern as shown in the horse armor recipe below.

    minecraft horse armor recipe

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