How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

A lead is a rope you can use to tie a mob to a fence post or use the same as a leash. Learn how to make a lead and use a horse lead and mob lead.

Minecraft Lead

A lead can be made in all versions of Minecraft. When you use a lead it attaches to the mob like a leash. You can then use the lead to move the mob around or to keep the mob in one place. You can tie the other end of the lead to a fence post or boat.

Like a leash, a lead allows the mob to wander within a maximum radius of 5-10 blocks by stretching.

You can break the lead by right-clicking in the Java Edition or by pressing the use button applicable to the console or mobile edition. The lead will drop when it breaks.

Horse Lead

Using a lead with a horse is one of the best uses. If you don’t have a horse saddle to ride a horse you can use a lead to move a horse after taming it.

horse lead leashing a horse to a fence in minecraft

Leads are useful in creating realistic horse stables or tying your horse outside a building, cave or dungeon while you are inside.

Mob Lead

Leads can also be used to leash mobs. The mobs you can leash include:

  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Mule
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Llama
  • Wolf
  • Chicken
  • Cat
  • Fox

Try a lead on other mobs and let us know which mobs it works on!

Fence Post for Lead

A fence post is an easy place to attach a lead to keep a mob from wandering away.

To attach a lead to a fence post, first, attach a lead to a mob with a right-mouse click or the use button applicable to your console or mobile edition. Walk close to a fence and press the use button again and the mob will be leashed to the fence.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

  1. A lead requires 4 string and one slimeball.

    String drops from spiders, cave spiders and cats.
    Slimeballs drop from slimes in the swamp biome.

  2. Place the 3 string and one slimeball in a crafting table in the pattern shown below.

    minecraft lead recipe

    One lead recipe makes 2 leads.

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