How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

A saddle in Minecraft is a piece of equipment that allows you to ride several types of animals including horses, donkeys, mules and pigs. Learn how to get a saddle.

Picture of a Saddle in Minecraft: Saddle

You cannot craft or make a saddle in Minecraft. There is no saddle recipe. You can obtain a saddle in Minecraft from the following places:

  • As treasure from fishing;
  • Purchase from leatherworking villagers for emeralds;
  • In chests including dungeon chests, temple chests, stronghold chests, and village tannery and weaponsmith chests;
  • In Bedrock/Mobile editions as a drop from ravagers.

Using a Saddle

Once tamed, a saddle allows you to ride and control a horse, donkey or mule. While you can ride those animals without a saddle, you will not be able to control their direction of travel.

Minecraft horse inventory with saddle

Equipping a Saddle

To equip a saddle on a horse, donkey or mule, you need to tame it first. Learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

While holding a saddle press the use key applicable to your Minecraft edition to place a saddle on a a horse Alternatively, to equip a saddle, mount the horse, open the inventory with the “E” key or the press the LT, Triangle or X key for your console or mobile edition of Minecraft and then drag the saddle to the saddle slot.

Horses can also be equipped with horse armor.

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