How to Make Leggings in Minecraft

Pants or Leggings are one of five player armor slots in Minecraft. Leggings provide a defense bonus against incoming mob attacks. Learn how to craft leggings in this post for each type of armor.

There are five tiers of Legging Armor:

Crafting Leggings (Pants)

Making leggings or pants requires 7 items of the same type, either leather, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds.

To make a pair of leggings armor, place the 7 ingredients into a crafting table arranging them in the same pattern as shown in the image below.

leggings armor crafting recipe

Leather Pants (Leggings)

To make Leather Pants place 7 leather Leather in the crafting table.

Chainmail Leggings

Chainmail leggings cannot be crafted. You can purchase chainmail leggings from a village armorer. Chainmail leggings also drop from armored mobs and can be found in various mobile edition loot chests.

Iron Leggings

Making a pair of Iron Leggings armor requires 7 iron ingots Iron Ingot in the crafting table.

Gold Leggings

Place 7 gold ingots Gold Ingot on the crafting table to make a pair of gold leggings.

Diamond Leggings

To make a pair of Diamond Leggings use 7 diamonds Diamond and a crafting table.

Repairing Leggings Armor in Minecraft

Leggings Armor can be repaired with an anvil and additional ingredients of the same type, e.g. leather, iron ingot, gold ingot, or diamond. You can also repair a pair of leggings by combining two damaged leggings of the same armor tier in a crafting table.

How to Make Leggings in Minecraft (Pants)

  1. To make a pair of pants for your character, gather seven ingredients of the desired tier:

    7 leather, or
    7 iron ingot, or
    7 gold ingot, or
    7 Diamond.

  2. Arrange the 7 ingredients in a crafting table in the pattern shown below:

    leggings pants armor crafting recipe

Crafting more armor for your character:

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