How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

A bed is an item the player can craft that allows the player to skip the night and return to day time. A bed also sets a new player spawn point. Learn how to craft a bed and make a colored bed or dye a bed in this tutorial.

Minecraft Bed

There are 16 colors of beds in Minecraft, all the colors are shown below.

  • White BedWhite Bed
  • Orange BedOrange Bed
  • Magenta BedMagenta Bed
  • Light Blue BedLight Blue Bed
  • Yellow BedYellow Bed
  • Lime BedLime Bed
  • Pink BedPink Bed
  • Gray BedGray Bed
  • Light Gray BedLight Gray Bed
  • Cyan BedCyan Bed
  • Purple BedPurple Bed
  • Blue BedBlue Bed
  • Brown BedBrown Bed
  • Green BedGreen Bed
  • Red BedRed Bed
  • Black BedBlack Bed

Making a Bed

A Minecraft Bed is made with 3 wood planks and 3 wool. A basic bed is 3 planks of any type and 3 white wool. All 3 wool must be the same color to make a bed. Gather wool from sheep or purchase in a village.

Colored Beds

There are two ways to make a colored bed in Minecraft.

Making a Bed with Colored Wool

You can make a colored bed by using matching colored wool and planks.

minecraft colored wool bed

Dyeing a White Bed

You can dye a white bed by placing it along with a colored dye on a crafting table. This will color the white bed the same color as the dye used.

minecraft how to dye a bed a new color

(In non-PC Java versions such as mobile and console editions you can re-dye an already colored bed a new color by using any dye with the colored bed on a crafting table.)

Placing and Using a Bed

Placing a bed requires two blocks of space on the ground. While holding the bed in the player’s hand, press the use button for your game edition. This will place the bed on the ground. A bed can be picked up by mining it with any tool or the player’s hands.

Sleeping in a Bed

To sleep in a bed, place the cursor over the bed and press the use button. You can only sleep in a bed at night or during a thunderstorm. When the player wakes from the bed it will be day time and clear weather. If monsters are nearby you will need to kill them before sleeping.

Minecraft Bed Recipe

  1. Gather 3 wool of the same color.

    Find wool by shearing sheep, killing unshorn sheep or from village shepherds and chests.

  2. Place 3 matching wool and any three planks in rows in a crafting table.

    Produces 1 bed. minecraft bed recipe

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